Other Works

Though this is my first foray into running my own site, I have contributed in the past and present to other platforms. Below are links to those sites.

Salisbury Post

I write a fortnightly column for the Salisbury Post, my hometown newspaper. It usually focuses on North Carolina politics, unless something of national import bears mention. I’ve written for them specifically since February 2019, but pieces from PoliticsNC are syndicated now and again to small papers like the Salisbury Post. (The Salisbury Post does not group authors’ works together, so a search of the site is the best option if and until I collect all the columns onto one section here.)


I have contributed to PoliticsNC since the end of 2017. I write about North Carolina politics for the most part, but dabble in national stories that drive the narrative nationwide and are unavoidable. I also edit and co-host the Perspective Podcast where the founder of PoliticsNC, Thomas Mills, and I talk shop.

Carolina Political Review

I was the inaugural editor of the Carolina Political Review while at Chapel Hill. I wrote about everything under the sun, including a couple of interviews with politicians like former Governors Pat McCrory and Jim Hunt, NC Attorney General Josh Stein, and US Senate Candidate Deborah Ross, to name a few.